Respecting the Past
Delivering the Future

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  • The development will generate a one-time total of 323 yearly equivalent construction jobs with a direct payroll of $18 million and a total wage effect of $8.6 million as that payroll circulates through the local and regional economies.
  • The development will generate 280 direct full time and part-time jobs on a sustained basis. The direct wages paid at current rates total $4.4 million. Those jobs will generate a total employment effect of just under 300 jobs and a sustained total wage impact of $8.6 million.
  • The hotel guests and conference visitors will spend an estimated $6.2 million in area retail and service establishments, with a total spending effect as that money circulates through the economy of $8.3 million.

A multifaceted project with many unique features and benefits - additional parking, a downtown supermarket, livable green space, conference center, rooftop garden, pedestrian access, sidewalk cafe and condos.