North End Portsmouth reflects the character of Portsmouth’s past while meeting the needs of the community today, offering a hotel and conference center; a downtown grocery store; livable green space; rooftop garden; and additional parking. North End Portsmouth offers innovative, creative, and respectful design that features engaging and timeless architecture, pedestrian and bicycle accessibility, a sidewalk café, public art, and a dynamic streetscape that will serve as a neighborhood hub for decades to come.

Community and Economic Benefits

Community Benefits

North End Portsmouth fulfills three long-term goals of the city: a conference center, a downtown grocery store, and additional public access to parking.

  • Pleasing architectural treatments and high quality building materials that are consistent with the character of Portsmouth
  • A walkable, downtown grocery store
  • Conference center to bring visitors to the city during non-peak periods
  • Parking available to the public
  • Public art
  • Green space and pedestrian and bicycle access
  • Tribute to the immigrant families of the North End
  • Sidewalk café and roof garden
  • Commitment to sustainability in building and site design

Economic Benefits

The mixed-use elements of North End Portsmouth maximize economic benefits to the community and generate significant annual tax revenue to support
important city services such as schools and
infrastructure projects.

  • $754,000 in local property tax revenues annually
  • $8,325,000 of economic activity in the local economy from visitor spending and operations
  • 465 new permanent jobs created and 536 construction jobs.

Source: Economic Impact Analysis, Applied Economic Research (January 15, 2014)

Proposed Location (Currently)


Conceptual Design, North End Portsmouth (November 2014)

Landscape Inspiration