North End Portsmouth is more than a development project. It is the fulfillment of a decades-long mission to respect the past; meet the needs of the community today; and build for the future through the creation of a neighborhood hub that stands the test of time.


Respecting the past. North End Portsmouth was conceived and designed to fit in with Portsmouth’s historic character. We will be located on what is now a surface parking lot but was once the site of the homes of immigrant families prior to being torn down as part of the Federal urban renewal program in the 1960s. HarborCorp is working with the local community and the Italian-American Heritage Association to find an appropriate way to honor these families who tragically lost their homes.

Meeting today’s needs. Portsmouth has long desired a downtown grocery store and a conference center. Additionally, we recognize the need for more parking in Portsmouth and are proposing to build parking spaces to handle the needs of our facilities as well as to offer public access to parking. Portsmouth is looking for interesting and creative building design that limits massing and allows for green space and pedestrian access. Our wide sidewalks, outdoor café, roof garden, public art, and architectural design reflects this desire.

Building for the Future. North End Portsmouth will serve as a hub of activity for Portsmouth’s growing northern tier district. Like the Sheraton Portsmouth, which we built 26 years ago, we are working hard to design a building that offers great community benefits for decades while standing the test of time architecturally.